Cocaine in coca-cola.
Laura. Melbourne. I have "bozo fanny" tattooed on my arse.
Last night was our photography exhibition and I got so drunk and vomited everywhere. True art student.
Gettin drunk for Christmas Eve cos I have work tomorrow and I have to drown my sorrows.
Tasti d’lite on Chapel st. Fuck the fashion stores - this is where it’s at.
On Sunday I woke up still drunk, walked down the street with my best friend, bought a slab, stole a shell off my Mum’s bookshelf, wrapped it up, and gave it to someone as a housewarming gift.
I love taking photos of myself when I wake up still drunk or really, really hungover - because it’s just absolutely disgusting ahah
Alcohol and food is all I have going for me at the moment.
Last night

I got so drunk I had to be carried out of the pub by 3 security guards and woke up in my underwear on my friends floor, covered in vomit. Thankfully my drunken friend was there to take care of me aka take photos of my arse and upload them to facebook. Now not only do I have an unbearable hangover but I also have a bruised nose. Lovely.

Doing last minute photography assignments.
Groovin the poo
Cheetah and Seal. We do not lead the lives of normal 21 year olds.
Last night I hooked up with a 17 year old and ate 3/4 of a birthday cake to myself.
Valentines day with a few favorites.
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